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The importance of communicating with employees during a merger

Mergers can be both exhilarating and stressful for many Arizona companies. If planned correctly, you have more people to work with and will thrive with the additional assistance and benefits that come with the collaboration.

However, the success of the company’s future hinges upon your actions now. Some employees might feel uncomfortable with the merger and will have a hard time adjusting or might even leave. To ensure the transitional period will go as smoothly as possible, it is important to retain a clear communication with them. Here are a couple of strategies to keep in mind:

Pick the right time to tell the group.

With how drastic changes can be when two companies merge, your Gilbert employees deserve to know how the merger process is going and what changes will happen. Doing so can help them prepare easier for the transition. Unfortunately, there is a good chance you will lose some workers in the process regardless if you told them early. Some may not handle their newer positions, a change in location or just do not like the other company. However, since you know they are leaving early, you do not have to scramble for a replacement as the merger begins.

At the same time, you do not want to inform your workers of the merger details too early, as there could be more changes that occur over the months. Try to plan a timeline of events on which you plan to present certain aspects of the merger to keep them up to date on the process. Presenting the information all at once can be overwhelming, and establishing some of the conditions separately can be easy for your employees to process and give you enough time to know more of the merger details as you go along with it.

Let the staff know you are there for them.

Dealing with a merger can make you look overly occupied to your Arizona workers. Since you are discussing the development with the other company’s higher-ups frequently and will have more new staff members to worry about, they might feel that you are not maintaining their needs under high priority.

Business Insider emphasizes that your relationship and communication with your workers is one of the key factors in a merger’s success. Keep your doors open as often as you can so you can answer any of their concerns they have for the unification. It demonstrates that you are unwilling to abandon the company’s principles and risk the safety of your workers solely for financial gain. As difficult as it may be, you must be prepared to speak as a company representative, a group leader and an individual employer.

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